Xeriscape Garden Designs

To help you implement your xeriscape plan, we can also;

  • Recommend landscaping contractors, irrigation companies, and other installer or suppliers of garden materials and services. 

  • Purchase plants at contractor discount or assist clients in purchasing plants.
  • Monitor installation of our xeriscape designs.

Professional, Reliable, and Efficient Services 

We know that designing gardens and implementing landscape plans takes a team approach.  We are good communicators and can work with architects, landscapers, irrigation specialists, and other individuals to give your outdoor space the look and feel you need.

If all you need is a little guidance for a 'Do-it-Yourself' xeriscape project, give us a call.   We'll come to you and provide advice on reworking your small gardens or yards for less irrigation use and/or wildlife habitat.   The first half an hour is free.

Consultation fee is $50/hour (If location is more than 15km from downtown Penticton, mileage will be charged at $0.55 per additional km.)

Garden Consultation

Here To Help You

Gaillardia aristata

We design complete xeriscape garden plans.  These include;

  • a completed design approved by the client (concept, draft, and final xeriscape plans for both hardscaped and planted areas);
  • a planting plan showing where recommended plants would go and mature sizes;
  • a list of plants and descriptions of less well-known plant choices where needed;
  • a basic outline of where irrigation lines should go; a list of other materials recommended (mulches, pathways, etc.);
  • lighting suggestions if required;
  • a plant maintenance schedule;
  • includes initial consultation and 2 additional site visits.

Design Fees:

Each property is unique making specific estimates difficult to calculate.  However, to give you an idea of the price range you can expect for the completion of a xeriscape garden plan, below are some examples. 

A complete xeriscape plan for urban front yards or a small rural property (average 2000 sq. ft.) ranges from $750 - $1,500. 

A xeriscape plan for an urban property or small rural one where the whole area immediately adjacent to the house is to be landscaped (average 5000 sq. ft.) is approximately $1500 - 1800. 

A xeriscape plan for more complex situations such as where there are significant sloped areas, gullies, or requirements for extensive terracing and other rockwork, (usually much larger properties), from approximately $2000 - 4000. 

Landscaping Services for Home Owners

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